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Clinical Support for Therapists!

We've said it before and we'll say it again...This job is weird! Our work can be hard and isolating.

Join us as we lean into the safety and support that comes with connecting with other therapists who know what you're going through! We have a special desire to offer a safe place for folks to decolonize therapy, develop and expand anti-racist clinical practices, expand self-disclosure and transparency, unlearn harmful lessons and practices, challenge "traditional graduate school" truths, and BUILD COMMUNITY so we all have support as we support others!

We would love to keep in touch if this sounds like you and how you practice!


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You're Awesome! We're excited to connect with you!


Individual and Group Supervision for LGPCs, LGMFTs and LMSWs

Business Meeting
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Peer Consultations

Connect with your community of LCPCs, LCMFTs, and LCSW-Cs to talk shop!

Group Discussion
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groups for therapists

Burnout Prevention and Support, 

Yoga for Therapists,

Therapists with ADHD

Group Dance
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it's all about the system

Systems focused consultations for individuals or groups to help you learn to expand your clinical viewpoint!

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