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Professional Trainings and Workshops

Many organizations strive to provide education and professional development to their employees. Let us help you do so, whether you need a training for a group of therapists, education for an office on how to be inclusive, or you want to attend a pre-scheduled training. We have a variety of trainings prepared and are available to create custom ones so you get your best fit!

Workshops &

  • Increasing LGBTQ+ Awareness and Allyship

    • This 2-hour interactive 101 training follows the multi-cultural counseling framework of developing awareness, knowledge, skills, and action to support the LGBTQ community
    • This training is approved by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists for 2 CEUs. It is ideal for community members, business professionals, clinicians, and support staff.

  • So You Want to Work with LGBQA+ Clients?

    • This 3.5-hour interactive 201 training follows the multicultural counseling framework of developing awareness, knowledge, skills, and action to work clinically with LGBQA clients

    • This training is approved the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists for 3 CEUs. It is ideal for folks who have a 101/baseline knowledge of the LGBTQ community, and want to expand their awareness, knowledge, and skills to specifically support sexual and affectional minorities clinically.

  • LGBTQ Suicidality through a Lens of Systemic Trauma

    • This 1-hour 101 training looks at the vulnerability to suicidality within the LGBTQ community through a lens of systemic trauma rather than as a personal or community "failing".

  • The 5 Evils of Society: The Traumatic Impact of Systemic Harm

    • This 90-minute workshop discusses Pebble McCleary's concept of the 5 Evils of society, which posits that all trauma can be traced back to colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and  puritanism. This presentation also provides details on ways to utilize this concept in clinical work.

    • Read more about the 5 Evils of Society in Pebble's blog series here!

  • Keep an eye out for more workshops and trainings!

    • Working with Transgender/Non-Binary/Gender Diverse Clients (a 201 training)

    • Working with Kink/BDSM and Non-Monogamy (a 101 training)

    • Working with Kink/BDSM Clinically (a 201 training)

    • Working with Non-Monogamous Clients (a 201 training)

Pebble McCleary is available to create customized trainings within their specialization areas to meet your personal, business, and/or clinical needs. This process involves scheduling an initial consultation to discuss goals and expectations, size, length, cost, and scheduling of the training. Throughout the process of creating your customized training, Pebble will also schedule check-ins for continued consultation to ensure that what is being created will meet your needs and expectations.

Custom Trainings

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